Whiskey Friends

Contrary to popular belief, Whiskey Reviews isn't the sad old git at the end of the bar it appears to be. Below are the Whiskey Friends, kind of like the super friends but not copyright infringing (hopefully).

Silver Dollar Gamers
In their own words: The SDG website provides a group dedicated gamers creating a consumer based site to help other gamers find games to enjoy as well as save money. They cover everything from indie games to making your own gaming laptop or computer for a great price as well as the best places to find the games with simple comprehensive reviews, pictures, and streams.
In our words: Just as much of a startup as Whiskey Reviews, they have the advantage of being run by a small group of passionate writers and focus on gaming for those on a budget but like the blurb above says, they have a wider scope than just reviews. Go give them a look, you just might find something you like.

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