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Whiskey Reviews has a very simple goal; to review games honestly and maybe make a few jokes with swear words along the way. I never claimed it was big or clever but it's what's going to happen.

All reviews are the honest opinion of the reviewer and should be taken with a grain of salt. Scoring is entirely personal preference and while I attempt to provide both entertainment and accurate information the simple fact is that reviews are subjective, not objective and sometimes the score is a joke too.
I attempt to be as objective as possible when addressing aspects such as graphics or controls, since they tend to be something that can be objectively bad or good but again, everyone has their own opinion and that's fine - please direct all hate-mail to

Now for a knowledge-bomb! You might have noticed the little info section at the top of every review, here's how it works;
Platform: PC <- the platform I played the game on for the review.
Release Date: 11 October 2013 (final episode released 8 July 2014) <- what it says on the tin.
Developer: Telltale Games <- who smelt it.
Publisher: Telltale Games <- who dealt it.
Where to get it: Steam <- where I bought it.
Price: £18.99 <- what I paid for it, not the current price.

Whiskey Reviews does not receive free copies of games from developers or publishers, does not receive donations from readers or have any fans. I do however take requests for games to be reviewed and will endeavour to do so in a timely manner if I own the game or can purchase it.

All games are played to finish before being reviewed, usually in as few sittings as possible to keep the experience fresh in my mind but I will neither rush nor skip content for the sake of a timely review. The games are all completed to my satisfaction if not 100%.

Requests, donations and any other unforeseen circumstances outside of the content of the game will not effect the outcome of the review - if I get a free game and it's bad, it'll get a bad score. I don't care if it comes from a fan who loves it or a developer/publisher who has slaved over it for years - whoever you are you're free to contact me and we can either have a civil conversation via email or something or you can tell me how terrible I am but as far as the reviews themselves go, hurt feelings are not the priority - an honest, entertaining review is.

Finally: Free stuff is always welcome, whether it's from fans or publishers. Just don't send things out of the blue, contact me first and ask. Also understand that free stuff will not guarantee a review nor influence the content of the review. Any freebies I receive and review will be indicated as such at the start of a review along with a version of this paragraph.

Thank you for taking the time to read Whiskey Reviews!

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