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Firstly; thank you for your interest in supporting Whiskey Reviews, the options are fairly thin on the ground at the moment but the one rule is that if possible we'll always give something back to the community and any support for the site should always benefit the readers.

Whiskey Reviews is going to continue with or without monetary support but we can do so much more with even a small amount of funding. On this page you'll find a few ways you can help support Whiskey Reviews but before you start screaming "hurry up and take my money!" please read the following paragraph so that you understand what you're getting into;

All support for Whiskey Reviews is on a donation basis. As much of the money will go back into the site and community as possible but the fact is I need to eat and pay the bills too. As little as possible will go towards my upkeep but it's inevitable that some will have to.
Finally, I have to stress that in the near future Whiskey Reviews will be opening an online game shop where those who want to support Whiskey Reviews can do so without actually 'giving away' their money but instead just buy a game and I'll get a small percentage of that sale.

Without further delay, I present the only way to support Whiskey Reviews currently;

Patreon - Here you can drop us a dollar or two a month to help keep Whiskey Reviews running. If we hit the funding goals on the Patreon page we can start running competitions and have a professionally hosted site and proper domain name.

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