Thursday, 20 November 2014

Whiskey Update: Reviews, Ads, helping Whiskey Reviews and a banner! Oh my!

Hi readers!

You're probably wondering why there's not been an update in a couple of weeks and I'd like to clear things up about what's going off. This is a pretty lengthy piece so please skip ahead if you don't care for a particular topic.


As for reviews, I've been working on both Halo Master Chief Collection and Fantasy Life, both are gigantic games that are taking way way longer than expected to get through but for completely different reasons. I'm hoping to be able to post a Halo review some time this weekend to get things back on schedule.
With Dragon Age Inquisition coming out tomorrow, my attention will be largely taken up by that game and so there might not be an actual review again for another couple of weeks but I'll absolutely make sure there's something else to take its place, probably an article about some aspect of the games industry or recent events.
If you have anything you think would be interesting for me to talk about please leave a comment on this post and I'll try to address every topic it's feasible to.


Secondly I'd like to talk about advertisements. We had some issues with things like dating ads and dodgy get-rich-quick stuff showing up even though I'd blocked it and I hate showing ads anyway but lets get super serious for a minute; I do not have any cash right now and I can't be picky about where any tiny bit of income comes from.
My official stance on things is that any income that goes to me and Whiskey Reviews from the readers should be from sources that are fair to the readers. What that means is two basic things - 1) it can't take money directly from your pockets. So no donations button, etc. and 2) it has to be something that isn't full of shit.
Advertising is obviously full of shit - there's dodgy ads everywhere, they have pop-ups and ads in the middle of articles and ads that take over a page until you've sat through their sales pitch and all that will never appear on Whiskey Reviews. I hate showing adverts but I'm going to try and keep it as painless as possible by limiting them to the side bar only (that means that'll show up on the left and right of all pages) and I'll try to weed out any adverts that aren't gaming related.
I'm new to all this stuff though and had to pull ads before because they weren't behaving but instead of doing that a second time I'm going to ask you to bare with me and I'll do my best to block any ads that aren't gaming related.
It really helps me out if you send me messages about ads you don't like seeing, I'll be reviewing the ads about once a week but I'll also be taking a look whenever someone reports an ad to me and I'll go pull any ads that I can as soon as I get the message.

How you can help Whiskey Reviews (for free!)

While we're on the topic of income. There is a way for everyone who reads to support Whiskey Reviews while saving themselves some cash in return. It's a site called G2A that sells video games for cheaper than their regular retail prices - for example I got an Origin key for Dragon Age Inquisition for £28 when the game is going for £55 normally. There's similar deals on pretty much everything on there, just make sure you check the available countries flags on a product page before buying.
So how can you help Whiskey Reviews with this? Simple - if you're going to buy a game please consider using our referral link:

Going to G2A via that link will mean I get a small percentage of each sale they make added to my account. It doesn't cost you extra and you can see just how much you'll be helping on the product page, for example the previously mentioned Inquisition would net me 69p for everyone who buys a copy via my link. It sounds small but if a dozen people buy one or two games every month or two it goes a long way to helping keep Whiskey Reviews running.

Additionally, you can also help Whiskey Reviews by setting up your own G2A Goldmine account via the following link:

You set up your own Goldmine account and start giving out your referral link to other people who then buy games and Whiskey Reviews will also get a smaller amount of what you earn via your own referrals. Basically if you earn 50p from a referral then I'll also get 5p from that too.
Again, it sounds small but it'll add up quick and even only getting £5 or £10 every couple of months would help me out right now.

Okay! Enough begging! What about the fun stuff?


Soon Whiskey Reviews is going to replace that ugly chunk of text at the top of the page with something far cooler. A custom made banner by a friend of mine!
The banner will have all the relevant information like the G2A link and Twitter username so you can choose to follow me and get updates right to your Twitter feed whenever I post anything here. You can also add me to your circles on Google+ if you'd rather get updates that way but those are automatically generated and can be a bit unwieldy.
When the banner goes live I'll be posting a link to the artist's page, she's just as poor as I am right now and has done me a tremendous favour by making this banner for cheap so it'd be great if any one interested in super cheap but super good art (maybe you want to print custom Christmas cards, who'm I to judge?) can hit the link.


We've had a few failed give away style competitions before that gathered absolutely zero entries despite some of those posts being really popular. I'd like to continue giving away free games but simply can't afford to pick and choose, I can't do the latest and greatest like many of you would like but I'd still like to try to give something back to the readers because you took the time to sit through my drivel each week.
So I can't do anything about the prizes but maybe we can change up the formula of the competitions. Instead of a first-come-first-served method we'll be moving over to a question type entry. I'll ask a simple question at the end of a review or article like "which character said 'all your base are belong to us'" and you can answer via the email form. All correct answers will be given a number starting at 1 through whatever and I'll roll a physical die of the appropriate size (if we get 6 entries it'll be a D6, if we get 20 it'll be a D20) and send the winner their prize.
So in the future please don't be shy about entering the competitions when they're posted, I'll try to host something at least once a month but it may come down to less if the prize pool dries up and I don't have enough spare cash to put anything in there.

As always, thank you for reading!

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