Saturday, 18 October 2014

What's the deal with all the adverts?

Some astute readers may have noticed that there's a sudden influx of advertisements hogging the side bars and you might be wondering what's up with that, well I'm here to explain.

I've considered a multitude of ways to try and make Whiskey Reviews provide enough money for me to eat at least a couple of times a week and they've fallen thoroughly flat. The Patreon attempt only gathered as many views as it took me to preview it and get it all set up the way I wanted it.
Another avenue I really wanted to try, since it's fairer to the readers, was GameFanShop - basically an online game store that would sell the games I review at reasonable prices, the readers get a game and I get a little bit of the profit to help me keep working on reviews. Unfortunately, GameFanShop haven't reopened their affiliates program for several months now and my bank account is officially overdrawn so I needed to start looking elsewhere.

Poking around Bloggers control panels I found the earnings tab and a way to sign up for a Google Ads account. This isn't an ideal solution but I'm hopefully doing a half decent job of explaining why there ended up being ads on the site right now.
While not ideal, Google Ads still allows you, the readers to decide if you want to support me or not - if you don't mind seeing the odd advert in the side bars then please turn off your ad blocker for this site, there won't be any pop-ups or ads shoehorned into the middle of the articles and if there ever are I will drop the Google Ads instantly.
Naturally, the other choice is that you maybe don't want to support Whiskey Reviews and that's great too, maybe you do want to support me and don't want to see the ads even - great news is, you can just keep your ad blocker on and everything will be business as usual.
Basically, the idea is that once I get everything figured out you should only see advertisements for videogames and videogame related products in the side bars but in the meantime you might see a bunch of weird ads like dating sites or Shamwow (that's still a thing right?)

On a closing note, if I ever can get the game shop idea up and running I'll drop the ads too. It doesn't matter if they're earning me more than the game shop will, it's simply that the shop would provide the absolute fairest way for readers to support Whiskey Reviews.

Thank you all for having the patience to take a look, our regular videogame reviewing will continue next week!

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