Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Whiskey Supports: Being Nice To Other Players

We're not exactly known for having the most polite, or even eloquent vocabulary here at Whiskey Reviews but we do believe that everyone, regardless of gender, etc. should have fun when playing games with others and Andreas' open letter, which has been signed by over a thousand members of the games industry, gets right to the point.

You can view the letter here and if you believe in what it says I highly suggest that you tweet Mr Zecher to add your signature to the growing list.
That said, please don't make this slacktivism. If you believe in what it says, uphold those ideals and treat other gamers with respect, a signature on a page means nothing if you don't actually try.

If that's all a little too corporate focused and not to your tastes, there's a more gamer centric petition aiming to draw attention to the same issue here.

Thank you to everyone, there will be an actual Whiskey Reviews update sometime this week.

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