Friday, 21 March 2014

Whiskey Reviews: Strider limps onto PC

Platform: PC
Release Date: 19 February 2014
Developer: Double Helix/Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Where to get it: Steam
Price: £11.99

At last a new Strider game!

You'd think that would be a good thing but currently the situation isn't so clear. On one hand we have a great looking game, with a classic sounding musical score that manages to build on the excitement without getting in the way but on the other hand we have shoddy gameplay and repetitive, grating sound effects.

Whiskey Reviews: Oniken, Onekin, Munchkin... Whatever

Platform: PC
Release Date: 5 February 2014
Developer: Joymasher
Publisher: Joymasher
Where to get it: Steam
Price: £4.99

The review blurbs don't lie: This game absolutely feels like it came right out of the late 80's NES but with fine tuned controls. Everything about it screams classic from the NES style color palette that neatly separates foreground from background and makes sure enemies stand out clearly to the hard as balls platforming and combat, to the sparse checkpoints and lives and unforgiving boss battles that can crush you in an instant if you don't learn their patterns.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Whiskey Reviews: South Park: The Stick Of Truth... something something [censored in EU]

Platform: PC
Release Date: 7 March 2014
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Where to get it: Steam
Price: £39.99

Your amount of enjoyment from The Stick Of Truth will likely come directly from how much you enjoy the actual show.
That said, the game has solid mechanics of its own, completely nails the look and feel of the show and the attention to detail for referencing past events (even small throw-away gags) from a half dozen series back is impressive and rewarding to spot. Plus you get to swing more than one dildo bat at things.