Saturday, 27 July 2013

Whiskey Reviews: Shadowrun: Returns wearing odd socks

Platform: PC
Release Date:25 July 2013
Developer: Hairbrained Schemes
Publisher: Hairbrained Schemes
Where to get it: Steam
Price: £14.99

Shadowrun has been one of my earliest experiences in gaming on multiple fronts. It was my earliest tabletop RPG (back in 2nd Edition Shadowrun), it was also my first SNES RPG and my only Mega Drive (Genesis) RPG. Shadowrun was my introduction to cyberpunk and my never-ending love for the genre that's lasted all these years since I was first introduced to the concept.

Shadowrun: Returns however is slightly more complex, normally a cyberpunk game would fall right into my 'love' category and be cherished forever but while the game itself is a solid representation of Shadowrun's rules and systems it's just not a very good representation of what being a chrome-head digital ninja is like.