Sunday, 14 April 2013

Whiskey Reviews: Aliens Colonial Marines

Developer: Gearbox Interactive/TimeGate Studios
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: 12 February 2013
Price: £39.99 (Steam)

   So the best of the 80's is upon us once more; the Xenomorphs have returned and the Colonial Marines have dusted off the pulse rifles to have a second crack at them.
   I'm a big Aliens fan (almost as much as Xeno) and I've always loved the idea of playing the Colonial Marines kicking ass on LV426, it's always been great fun in the past in AvP 1 and 2 and even AVP 3 did a passable job (though substandard compared to previous games) of splattering acid on exposed forearms and faces so hopes for A:CM are riding high for an excellent experience that adds to the canon and reminds us fans why we loved the movie in the first place.
   Developer Gearbox have delivered polarising experiences in the past, with Borderlands being the gaming equivalent of Marmite and Duke Nukem Forever taking a giant shit on the foreheads of the paying public so already there's some apprehension about how they would handle A:CM but they gave everyone a reassuring smile and nod and said “We're fans too. We'll treat it with respect.” and all but the most sceptical of us believed them.
   Onwards, then, we delve into the big black aboard our non-Conestoga class starship and jam our pens into the goopy melted edges of Aliens: Colonial Marines to find out whether or not we should pucker up for the facehuggers or save the last bullet for ourselves.